Peer Support Training

From February 2, 2020 to February 5, 2020 multiple members of the BCCOA attended a 24-Hour Peer Support training.

Both mental health and personal wellness are very important within the first responder community and the BCCOA recognizes it. The training went over various strategies to help support their peers within the BCCOA and within the wider first responder community.

Those who attended the training were made more familiar with available resources that they can utilize within the area to better support the physical and mental health needs of those within the BCCOA.

The Butte County Sheriff Office recently developed a Wellness phone application for the members to utilize to help get in contact of peer supporters, information for stress management, chaplain support, therapists, and the employee assistant programs.

Butte County Sheriff Office is also going to be putting on various Yoga for First Responders programs to help relieve stress and support physical and mental well being among the first responders.

We at the BCCOA are proud of our members who have signed up to be peer supporters.